Info Parking systems

It wasZion Professional Park Assist Systems, safe maneuvers!

Our Kits, the only kits for sale in all of Europe designed by us High Quality certainly the most accurate, precise and well made, are universal and all plug and Play and be easily installed on any type of vehicle, Cablings and sensors are double shielding with quick release pins, while rear cameras and monitors with the best innovations Video and Chip Camera, we keep to our product as the best quality has always been advertising!

Parking sensors, Retrocamere, Monitor, parking accessories and parking manoeuvres are the systems designed for mounting both on the rear and front of the vehicle.

Parking video systems, sensors parking etc., facilitate all the manoeuvres, even the most difficult retromarce. They ensure safe maneuvers by warning of the presence of people or animals or things. They also identify unseen obstacles, avoiding expensive repairs. No more bumps to park, so a safe help in any situation. Ideal for cars, vans, and any other means.