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The easy, fast, economical and homologated choice! High level performance and shine, high quality lamps and durability.

The best solution if you do not want to make changes and have more light, for all those customers who have tried lamps of this kind with little results, others who do not want to make changes to the vehicle by assembling xenon or Led kits, we talk about lamps that are simply replaced to the originals with the same characteristics of Wattaggio for this homologated for road use and do not give errors to the vehicle, therefore the most indicated product for those who seeks light in all road and climatic conditions with a truly unique coloration!

Product Usage Advantages: Halogen bulbs FuZion Super White Pro+ Xenon effect are professional high quality lamps with a result similar to Xenon lamps. Power +40% shine +150%"Real" without equal, performing in all road and/or climate situations. Fantastic the effect and shine of the White 6000K color that makes it completely similar to the light of the Xenon or led lamps, the ideal lamp also combined with its own xenon lights or diurnal leds by now series on many vehicles so as to eliminate the yellow effect of the normal series danando Single design lamps that improves the appearance of the vehicle.

Innovation and development: All-Italian design using the best technologies and curating every detail, a precious vant that makes in terms of Quality up to 650h of durability and a visibility that does not fear rivals also will make the most famous brands, the best components such as quartz glass with UV protection, high quality filaments and alignment accuracy, calibrated gas and pressure inside have led to have the best quality, performance and durability from primacy across the market, The latest generation design with silver cap for the following models: H4-H7-H11-HB4-H27W/1-H27W/2 makes it ideal for parable and transparent glass projectors, therefore a perfect light projection and an elegant and unique aesthetic result.

The lamps respect the power and wattage of the standard lamps therefore no overheating, on the contrary the product has a lower operating temperature thanks to the internal compounds that make it colder in terms of heat and color pursues an unequal duration.

Real product benefits: Increased visibility up to 40% more - Brightness up to 150% lighter
Electric characteristics: available in Voltage 12V and 24V - Actual power as original according to vehicle and model
Light Features: Color temperature: 6000K
Duration: Long Life up to 650 h
Approvals and ECE for road use.

N.B. All the images of this listing are of our customers and bulbs without any modification, we preferred to select some real images and not to tailor them to the computer, in order to be as credible and to make understand the real quality of the product we offer. WE'RE OUT!

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