General Conditions of Sale

Acceptance of the General Conditions of Sale
The Customer with the telematic sending of his order of purchase, accepts unconditionally and obliges himself to observe in his dealings with Fuzion the these General Conditions, declaring that he has seen it and accepting all the indications supplied to him, taking also note that the Seller is not considered bound by different conditions unless otherwise agreed in writing.
The General Conditions of Sale concerning the Qualifying Customer “Consumer”, will apply only to the natural person who, pursuant to art. 3 of Legislative Decree no. n. 206 of 8/10/2005 SS MM, “acts for foreign purposes to entrepreneurial, commercial, artisanal or professional activity possibly carried out”. In particular, Article 5 (two-year warranty period) and 6 (recess) will apply only and exclusively if the Customer is qualified as a Consumer.
The Customer declares that he has examined the General Conditions of Sale before the forwarding of his purchase order and undertakes and obliges, once the online purchase procedure is completed, to print or save electronic copy and, however, to retain these Terms, already viewed and accepted, pursuant to and for the effects referred to in Articles 3 and 4 of Legislative Decree 185/99 and of Legislative Decree 206/2005.

Orders are accepted only and exclusively in written form, or by fax, or via Internet (on line). The customer who sends the order via the Internet will receive, at the end of the procedure, a confirmation notice from the order sent by e-mail (e-mail), with the indication of the relative order number; in the hypothesis that, after sending the order, does not appear (trask a few minutes) the order number, the proposal will be understood as not accepted, to any effect of law, even if for accounting, administrative reasons or for product shortage.

In case you do not receive confirmation email please check the spam folder or go to your account, created on our site, from which you can monitor the order and download the relevant documentation.
You can contact us for more information.

Rules of Returns 60 days. Easy and free
By 60 days. from the receipt of your order contact us, we pay the refund costs in case the order has arrived wrong or with problems of material other than what described or rethinking provided they are complete, intact and that they have not been used.

Refund time
In most cases, the refund is credited within 5/7 working days from the moment the product object of the return reaches our logistics center.

See our Return Policy page.

All prices included on the site include VAT. Prices can be changed at any time without notice.

All products are covered by the manufacturer's conventional warranty and 24 months warranty for compliance defects. In order to benefit from warranty assistance, the Customer must retain the purchase document as it must be exhibited in case of request for assistance.
The 24-month warranty applies to the product that has a lack of conformity, provided the product is used correctly, in compliance with its intended use and with the technical documentation attached. This guarantee is reserved to the Private Consumer, or to those who make the purchase without indicating in the order form a reference of VAT. In case of lack of conformity, we will repair/replace.
Exceptions to the warranty times: Some products, for example, consumable or end-of-series or used electronic material ecc.ecc. may have warranty exceptions, for example 12 months, in any case always indicated in the product sheet and description on our site.
The time of replacement or possible repair of the product to us are immediate, normally upon arrival of the return we provide in day or maximum 24/48 hours in case of testing, once ascertained the problematic we will send the return as soon as possible taking into account only the time of insertion of the return and therefore have possible shipment, the maximum times in particular cases or for reordering product etc. do not exceed 15 days.
The item for which the warranty intervention is required must be returned by the full Customer in all its parts (if any documentation and accessories: manuals, etc.), in order to avoid damage during the transport, we recommend to treat the packaging.
It is understood that the customer, where the manufacturer provides it, can also directly contact a service center present in the area, obviously always equipped with a purchase document in original.

For us, if one of our products breaks down over time or shows a defect of any kind, the problem is not the customer's but ours first and foremost, so we make this procedure very easy, whether it was purchased recently or a long time ago, it doesn't matter, we are we will remain at your complete disposal, so simply send us an email to: or contact us on tel: +39 045 630001 or whatsapp: +39 3466404367

Payment can be made in the following ways:

Payment with Credit Cards
Quick and secure payment on encrypted servers (SSL), credit cards accepted, we will never know about your credentials.
In case of cancellation of the order, both by the Customer and in case of failure to accept the order by the Customer FuZion, the transaction shall be refunded directly on the card used.

Payment with PayPal or Credit Card
PayPal is a simple, safe and immediate method. The transaction is carried out via redirection to secure encrypted servers (SSL).
At the end of the order you will be sent back to the site In case of cancellation of the order, the refund will be refunded directly on the card used.
If you have a Paypal account, just log in with your PayPal credentials to confirm your payment. We will never know about your credentials. In case of cancellation of the order, the refund will be made directly on your PayPal account.
We will not be responsible for any delays and/or damage caused in cases of refund caused by PayPal services

Payment via PostePay
Quick and secure payment, for those who use PostePay with or without an App or have no card for which we need our data to make a payment in the mail or at a tobacco shop or receiver sisal/lottomatic ecc.ecc..
In case of cancellation of the order, both by the Customer and in case of failure to accept the order by the Customer FuZion, the transaction shall be processed.

Payment with Early Bank Transfer
In case of payment by advance transfer, the payment must be made within 1 working days from the order confirmation. The products will remain engaged for 3 working days and, in case of non-payment, the order will be automatically canceled. The sending of the order only happens when the actual accredied on the c/c of Fuzion, all the data relating to Iban and header will be sent in phase of order conclusion on
In the case only enter the order number. Example: 123456. does not respond to any delays in accreditation caused by postal or banking services.

Payment in Mark
In the event of a mark purchase, an additional contribution is applied to the total amount of the order clearly highlighted at the time of the choice of the payment method. Payment must be made to the courier in cash.
To ship cash on delivery, a telephone or email confirmation is required for the shipping address and the amount to be paid.
Payment is only available for shipments in Italy.
N.B. if you choose the payment in cash and, at delivery you will not withdraw or refuse the parcel without valid reason, we will charge the shipping costs both on the way and for the return of the items to our headquarters.
Therefore, if you want to cancel an order with payment in check must be made promptly as, once the goods has been shipped, however you will have to pay the above expenses.

On-line sales are exempt from the issue of invoice or tax receipt pursuant to Article 22 of the Decree of the President of the Republic of 26/10/1972 n. 633 and Article 2, letter oo) of the DPR 21 December 1996, n. 696 (as confirmed also by Resolution no. 274/E of 5 November 2009), so you will receive via email a document that certifies the sale and that is valid also to activate the guarantee.
If you want to receive the invoice you must request it at the same time to order.
Obviously the above is not valid for the holders of the game to which the invoice will be issued directly.

Product availability
In the product catalogue published on the website, since the access and possibility of placing orders online, change in real time the availability of the product, we do not guarantee the certainty of the immediate availability of the ordered goods. If such a fact occurs you will be contacted and we will notify you of the waiting times. In this case you can decide whether to make the order even partially, if you wait for the arrival of the item not available or if you cancel the order. If the waiting time is indicated directly on the product sheet, you will not receive any additional communication as this condition is accepted.
In order to allow the customer to follow the various stages of their purchase, the order, each time undergoing a change, will have a status indicated by a specific item. Below are the items you will find in the state of your order and its meaning:
- Copy payment - we received your order payment correctly
- In processing - your order is waiting to be shipped
- Shipped - your order has been shipped
- Delivery - Your order has been delivered to you
- Waiting to receive the transfer - we are waiting to receive the credit of the transfer
- Waiting for payment with Poste Italiane - we are waiting to receive the amount through one of the services of Poste Italiane.
- Incoming product - you have purchased an unavailable product and so we are waiting for its arrival in our warehouses
- Cancelled - the order has been cancelled
- Refunded - the order amount has been refunded
Please note that the times indicated on our website are to be understood as working.

Technical information
The technical information on the website is derived from the information published by the manufacturers of the goods included in our catalogue. Therefore, we reserve the right to modify or adapt the technical, dimensional and photographic information of the products of the catalogue, according to what will be communicated by the producers, even without notice.

Risk and Properties
The goods are shipped to the free port insured with charge in invoice, in case the goods were shipped to the port assigned after indication of the customer, the risk and to be held at the expense of the customer from the delivery of the goods to the carrier. At the time of delivery of the goods, the customer must verify the integrity of the packages and the quantitative and qualitative correspondence with what is indicated in the communication, by email, from us sent to the order evasion. In case of difformity, the same must be reported on the letter of car that accompanies the shipment and confirmed, within 48 hours, by sending specific communication by fax or by email to our offices. Even in the presence of intact packaging, the marches must be verified and accepted with a verification reserve. Any reporting made without complying with the procedure and the terms indicated will not be taken into account. For each statement, the customer assumes full responsibility for what has been said.

We will not be liable for any damages, direct and/or indirect arising from the sale of goods and services offered in the catalogue published on the website, even for delay and/or failure to deliver the product, nor for the correspondence of the goods to the specifications published on the site, nor for any other fact to us not attributable directly. It is understood that the failure of the goods entails, of course, the full refund by of what possibly paid by the customer.

For any request, please contact us with the following ways:
phone: +39 045 6300001 or whatsapp: +39 3466404367

Right of withdrawal
Purchases made on our website, such as all purchases remotely by phone or correspondence, since they happen outside commercial premises, are protected by Legislative Decree no.185 of 22 May 1999 and subsequent modifications, which provides for the possibility by the consumer to exercise the right of withdrawal.
The consumer may exercise the right of withdrawal within a period of 14 days from receipt of the goods.
This right consists of the right to return the goods purchased to the supplier without any penalty and without specifying the reason, and in the resulting refund of the purchase price.
The right of withdrawal applies to individuals acting for purposes not related to their professional activity.
Purchases made by retailers and companies are therefore excluded from the right of withdrawal.
The right of withdrawal does not apply to the following categories of products:
a) audiovisual or computer software supports sealed open by the consumer;
b) newspapers, magazines and magazines.
How to exercise the right of withdrawal:
The right of withdrawal is exercised by sending, within the aforementioned period of 14 working days from receipt of the goods, a written communication by sending an email to or by a registered letter with notice of receipt addressed to: Fuzion Viale Postumia, 43 - 37069 Villafranca di Verona, VR - Italy
The communication may be sent by telegram or fax within the same period, provided that it is confirmed by registered letter with reception notice within 48 hours.
This notice must contain the codes of the products that you intend to return, as well as indications on how to refund the expenses incurred (vail, bank transfer, etc.) and any bank details.
The products subject to reconsideration must be returned with care and at the expense of the consumer, intact, in their original packaging and complete with any accessories, to the same address used for the recommended.
Once you have received the goods and verify the integrity of the goods, we will provide, as soon as possible, to credit the customer the cost of the returned products, detaining, where necessary, the amount of the shipping costs that will remain at the expense of the customer.
It is understood that for perishable products, in particular food products, and for care and hygiene products the packages must be intact and sealed (i.e. they must not have been opened) unless the cost is refunded.
Obviously we will not be responsible for any damages that the items subject to reconsideration should suffer during transport (from the customer to our headquarters). In this case we will immediately notify the customer, so if you wish to use the right of withdrawal, we recommend to carry out secure shipments.