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  • Model: Full Led Kit HB5 9007 9-36V 72W 9600 Lumens
  • BI-LED: Awakening + Awakening
  • Power for lamp: 36W 4800 Real Lumens
  • Compatibility: 12/24Volt Fari Lenticolari e parabola
  • Color: white 6000K
  • Advantages: More light in all road/climate conditions
  • Packaging: 2 lamps
  • Warranty 2 Years
  • Duration up to 10 years


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Full Led BI-LED Canbus Kit High Quality FuZion, Complete Led system for conversion from normal Alogene or Xenon lamps to Led.

System Info: Design and part of the components FuZion, this system is aimed at those looking for more light than the original lamps by lightening the fatigue to the guide, with the awareness of having a quality system with super tested base on the market, we have made changes in order to improve the set and have a high quality product at the right price.

Info CHIP LED: Our COB led chip has been recognized for years as one of the most reliable, constantly updated one of the most reliable leds, great capacity for expansion and distribution of light, also good the depth that doubles compared to the common lamps on the market, Led of our exclusive and is only integrated on our systems.

Info structure and duration: The structure is in high thermal conduction aluminum, the led is mounted on the structure by means of welded mounts with addition of thermal paste, to have a good thermal transmission of heat consequently an excellent cooling of the system. The air cooling with 360° ducts, plus the 13.500RPM/MIN active fan, guarantee a great silence and durability, a well-cooled led as well as lasting forever offers great performance!

Canbus and compatibility: CHIP Canbus integrated ALL-IN without external drive, interfaces egregious on Canbus vehicles without creating problems, however it does not have a total compatibility like our Professional version, we recommend this system on vehicles with simple CANBUS electronics, in case of error or problems you can buy at us an additional PLUG and PLAY canbus filter and solve. Cables and connectors are all highly shielded, no interference with other systems, developed, tested and constantly updated.

Dimensions of lamps: Designed on the basis of halogen lamps, they respect all the internal measurements of the headlights by not varying the regulation of the headlights and allowing the perfect adjustment of the headlights with high technical performance and projection, can be installed on almost all types of lighthouse without having to add caps or laundry them, for a clean work with a rule of art on the vehicle.

Compatible with headlight type: Compatible on both parable and lenticular headlights, thanks to the precision of the focal points "as explained above", gives a light beam and a cut both in dazzling and precise dazzling, exactly like your original lamps, therefore no problem with those who precede us or cross, thanks to the quality of the Fuzion led able to outline the light in the required points.

Lumen clarity: We tend to point out that we are a serious company we limit ourselves to publish real data of our leds, compared to other vendors that with kits decidedly less powerful and useless dealing them for 16,000 who 24,000/50,000 Lumens and who more has it, then we find ourselves with light that does not reach beyond 50 meters, creating discomfort to those who cross or precede and in the best cases do not come to equal even the original lamps and with zero depth, NOI We give real data and respect but I repeat real, for vehicles and road rules in order to preserve your safety and your pockets by providing a perfect product.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Increased visibility up to 200% more
  • Faro compatibility: Parable and Lenticular
  • Voltage: 9-32Volt
  • Compatibility: 12-24Volt
  • Watt power: 72W ±2
  • Lumen power: 9600 ±10% lm
  • Power for Single Lamp: 36Watt - 4800 Lumen Anglazing + 4800 Lumens
  • Color temperature: 6000K White
  • Water resistance, ice powder: IP65 Waterproof
  • Type of Led: COB ULTIMATE FuZion
  • Immediate ignition without delay
  • Duration: Long Life up to 10 years

Our Systems present on the components the best Approvals according to the most recent European directives.

Content in the package:
2 Complete lamps with cabling compatible with the Plag and Play vehicle
1 Manual installation Italian, English.

Warranty: 2 Years

N.B. All the images of this listing are of our customers and products without any modification, we preferred real images and not customized to the computer, in order to be as credible and to make understand the real quality of the product we offer. _

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