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Kit Bi-Luce Xenon + Halogen H15 Canbus Line 35W Pro Quality FuZion.

AMP connectors as from recent European directives.

Warranty: A Life

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Kit Bi-Luce Xenon(Abbagliante) + Halogen(Daylight) H15 Canbus Line 12V 35W Pro Quality FuZion, Xenon system complete with H15 lamps that converts The dazzling lights in Xenon while the daylights remain Alogene.

This Xenon Kit is of professional quality and considered Top of Range in European and International. Entirely studied and designed in Italy consisting of the best European components, make this product absolutely the most compatible, reliable and of maximum duration, not by chance the control units are GARANTITE A VITA.

The Power Plants/Ballast Canbus Line 12V 35W FuZion Professionals, currently the most compatible and reliable Canbus interface on the market, of the latest generation, egregiously interface to the most advanced vehicles electronically, can be updated or programmed even according to a vehicle or precise brand (this is possible only with our system), the Centraline, its cables and connectors are all highly shielded with a double internal/external shielding system, Developed, tested and constantly updated.

Provided with Xenon lamps FuZion HID XenPro+ guarantee a +30% of Light and shine compared to any other xenon lamp on the market. The high quality causes the power, color and shine to last long in time; the maximum that can offer the market, thanks to its well shielded and finished cablings, using every detail better on the market. AMP connectors as from recent European directives, respect all measurements and centering as normal standard lamps by absolutely not altering the beam of light, with a correct locking you will not have to proceed with any adjustment or centering of the light, if the same was already adjusted well before.

Our Systems present on the components, electronics and assembly the best Approvals according to the most recent European directives.

Content in the package:

2 Central/Ballast.

2 Lamps with related wiring.

1 Fixing kit and accessories useful for mounting, for easy installation and as a rule of art.

1 Manual installation Italian, English.

Central Guarantee: A Life

Lamps Warranty: 2 years

N.B. The photos of the products are indicative, can present diversity thanks to improvements made over time!

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