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Kit Bi-Luce MOTO Xenon + Halogen H4-2 Digital 64Bit 55W of High Quality FuZion, Slim switches reduced.

AMP connectors as from recent European directives.

Warranty: 2 Years

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Kit Bi-Luce Xenon(Anabbagliante) + Halogen(Abbagliante) H4-2 Slim Digitale 64Bit 55W High Quality FuZion, Xenon system complete with H4-2 lamps that converts The Xenon blinding lights while the dazzling lights remain Alogene, a more convenient choice than the Bi-Xenon H4-3 model.

This system is aimed at the customer who demands the maximum in terms of light and compactness with their vehicle, the characteristics will therefore be more similar to the standard mounted lamp and therefore in some cases more compatible, they still heat a 10% less than the normal standard halogen, thus preserving the headlights in time and obtaining the maximum possible visibility that can be obtained from a vehicle.

We keep specifying and guaranteeing that the Control Units (ballast) and the Lamps that we provide are 55W Reali, therefore in addition to the assortment also the light is greater than a 35W kit.

Our Digital 55W Control Units are not Canbus but Digital, Developed, tested and constantly updated.

Our Xenon lamps with AMP connectors as from recent European directives, respect all measurements and centering as the normal standard lamps not altering absolutely the beam of light, with a correct locking you will not have to proceed with any adjustment or centering of the light, if the same was already well regulated prim

N.B. Our xenon motorcycle systems are developed and built according to the demanding Moto and Scooter, therefore well compatible and taking into account the small batteries, absorbments and electronic needs of the two wheels, well different from common systems or for cars.

Our Systems present on the components, electronics and assembly the best Approvals according to the most recent European directives.

Content in the package:

1 Central/Ballast.

1 Lamps with related wiring.

1 Fixing kit and accessories useful for mounting, for easy installation and as a rule of art.

1 Manual installation Italian, English.

Central Guarantee: 2 years

Lamps Warranty: 1 Year

N.B. The photos of the products are indicative, can present diversity thanks to improvements made over time!


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